3m x 2m 50mm Weightlifting Platform with Dual Density Mats Framed Set

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Take your weight lifting to the next level with the ultimate weightlifting platform set. The LP03 CORTEX Weightlifting Platform Set offers a high-density fibreboard platform to keep your footing secure and comfortable whilst performing heavy lifts. The dual density 50mm thick mats support heavy drops throughout high impact lifting sessions with noise reduction and minimal vibrations. The high-quality steel frame helps stabilise and keep the platform and mats intact so you can confidently perform deadlifts, squats and more.


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    Ultimate Ultimate

    Ultimate Floor Protection

    Commercial grade rubber allows fully supported cushioning and shock absorption
    with every drop, protecting your bars and bumpers while reducing the sound on
    impact. The use of quality flooring helps enhance your weightlifting performance.


    Quality High-Density Fibreboard

    The high-density fibreboard provides a smooth surface without the slip. The optimal flooring for Olympic lifting, giving great feedback for the lifter, especially during deadlifts ensuring you are lifting on a true and safe surface

    High Density

    High Density Rubber Mats

    Protect your floors and equipment while you train with our high-quality rubber. Made from environmentally friendly rubber granules, and the bevelled top edge gives a cleaner look.

    Versatility Versatility

    Band Versatility

    Additional band pegs allow for more versatility with your workouts.
    Hook up your resistance bands and take your workouts to the next level.

    • Technical Specifications
    • Designed to withstand repeated and heavy drops, while protecting your weights & floor
    • 3m wide by 2m long
    • High density rubber tiles (50mm thick) to absorb impact
    • Reduces noise if weights are dropped
    • 2 piece High density plywood platform (50mm thick) provides great feedback to user
    • 4x Resistance band pegs for band deadlifts
    Occupancy Size 300cm x 200cm (L x W)
    Packaging Size Carton 1: 205cm x 20cm x 15cm (L X W X H)
    Carton 2-3: 101cm x 101cm x 60cm (L X W X H)
    Carton 4-7: 100cm x 100cm x 0.5cm (L X W X H)
    Gross Weight 255.7kg

    Warranty Information

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    • 12 Months Parts replacement warranty for home or commercial use
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