Plyo Box 12" (30cm)

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Step up your fitness regimen with the Cortex Plyo Box 12"(Black). Get the blood pumping with an explosive plyometric workout to improve strength and agility. With the 12" platform, this Plyo Box is the excellent height for step-ups, step-overs, or increasing the difficulty of other exercises like push-ups. Our plyo boxes are constructed with a high quality steel, making them stable and strong even through intense workouts.


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    Strong Strong

    Strong Steel Construction

    Built for explosive athletic training, our Plyo Boxes are constructed using High Quality Steel. The Plyo
    Box guarantees stability throughout your workout and can be securely stored away after when not in use.

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    Stable Training

    Our Plyo Boxes are fitted with a rubber base that grips firmly to the floor to minimise movement during
    workouts. Prevent injuries as you train with a slip-resistant platform to improve control through any exercise.

    • Technical Specifications
    Our CORTEX Plyo Boxes are made from High Quality Steel construction for all of your athletic training needs. Plyo Boxes are great for training explosive movements, are simple to use and easy to store.
    The Plyo Boxes come fitted with a rubber base which grips the floor for minimal movements during workouts, and come with a slip-resistant platform to ensure that athletes don't slip on a landing and injure themselves.
    This Plyobox set comes with 3 boxes in 30cm, 45cm and 60cm.
    30cm Box: 43cm x 43cm x 30cm (L x W x H)

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