RevoLock 64kg Adjustable Dumbbell Set (32kg Pair)

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Save time and space with our RevoLock 32kg Adjustable Dumbbells. Small and easy to handle, the less weight you add the smaller the dumbbell gets. Have up to 32kg in each hand, these dumbbells are suited towards any exercise at any fitness level. With quick and easy weight selection featuring our RevoLock System - it takes seconds to pick the right weight for your workout allowing you to spend more time working out and less time switching weights.


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    Main Image
    Main Image
    RevoLock RevoLock

    RevoLockâ„¢ System

    Quick, easy, weight adjustments within seconds "“ simply twist the handle to your
    desire weight. Spend more time working out, and less time switching weights.

    Superior Design

    Superior Design

    No matter the weight, enjoy the functionality of a traditional dumbbell design. Small and easy to handle, the less weight you add the smaller the dumbbell gets. Offering a larger variety of workouts, push your limits with only one set of dumbbells.

    Perfect For Any

    Perfect For Any Fitness Level

    Weight ranges from 2kg to 32kg. Our RevoLockâ„¢ 32kg Adjustable Dumbbells will suit everyone from beginner to pro, with a massive range of weight, starting from 2kg per hand to 32kg max.

    Knurl Gripped

    Knurl Gripped Handle

    Our knurling provides a great balance between a firm but non-abrasive grip. Enjoy the comfort and work out harder with a straight bar design.


    Compatible With Our Dumbbell Stand

    Keep your area tidy, and get those dumbbells
    within easy reach for every workout.

    • Technical Specifications


    • Twist handle to adjust weights
    • All weight readings are in KG
    • Comes in Pairs, with Dumbbell Holders
    • Compatible with RevoLock Stand (Sold separately)
    • Fast RevoLock locking system
    • Knurled handle for better grip
    • Dumbbell Size and Footprint based on weight

    Weight Set (Plates)

    • Adjustable from 2kg to 32kg
    • 9 weight selections
    • 2kg, 4kg, 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg, 32kg

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    This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:
    - 12 Months Parts replacement warranty
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