GS-6 Pro Gym Package

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Find everything you need to feel the burn in your home gym with the Cortex GS6 Pro Gym Package. The GS6 multi-station challenges every use from beginner to pro with a 73.5kg weight stack with 5.7kg plates, protected by a weight stack shield. Adjust seat height to suit most user heights. Upgrading your home gym further is the integrated power tower with pull-up bar, leg raise, and dip handles to add body weight exercises. This package fully transforms your home gym with the additional MF 4000 Bench.


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    Main Image
    Main Image
    GS6 Pro Gym Package GS6 Pro Gym Package

    GS6 Pro Gym Package

    • Includes
    • - 1 x GS6 Multistation
    • - 1 x MF-4000 Bench
    Over 38 exercises Over 38 exercises

    Over 38 exercises

    The GS6 Multi station is super versatile and will turn your home, garage or studio into a
    complete gym, offering over 38 exercises. Get a full body workout, targeting key muscle groups
    with upper body and lower body exercises. Diagrams are available to guide you through.

    Workout Chart Included

    Multi-station Versatility Multi-station Versatility

    Multi-station Versatility

    Get a complete and full body workout with our versatile design. Hook on different attachments for different cable machine
    workouts on upper, middle and lower attachment points, and a strong built-in power tower for key bodyweight exercises.
    Our sit-up bench will allow you to strengthen your core, comes as a free-standing unit and can be folded away with ease.

    • 1. Lat Pulldown Bar
    • 2. Chest Press / Flys
    • 3. Preacher Pad
    • 4. 73.5kg Weight Stack
    • 5. Leg Extension
    • 6. Integrated Power Tower (Allows for body weight exercises ranging from pull ups, chin-ups, dips and more).
    • 7. Sit-up Bench (You'll be able to achieve awesome abs and strengthen your core with our sit-up bench combo).
    For Beginners For Beginners

    For Beginners to Pros

    Enjoy flexibility with our fully customisable weight stack, choose to start with our default 73.5kg or
    add on 25kg (sold separately) for a more complete 98.5kg stack. You can always choose to upgrade later!

    • 1. Default total 73.5kg
    • 2. Additional 25kg Weight Stack. *Sold Separately
    Built to last Built to last

    Built to last

    Using high quality steel, our GS6 station uses a solid, commercial
    inspired frame that will endure the toughest workouts.

    Excellent Ergonomics Excellent Ergonomics

    Excellent Ergonomics to Suit all users

    • 1. Height Adjustable Seatli
    • 2. Height Adjustable Preacher Pad
    • 3. Big clearance between Upper Pulley and Seat (Great for doing Lat Pull-downs)
    • 4. Rotatable Foot Plate for Seated Low Rows
    Multi-Function Bench Multi-Function Bench

    Multi-Function Bench Press and Squat Rack

    *Weights and Barbell Not Included

    Multiple Bench Angles Multiple Bench Angles

    Multiple Bench Angles

    Flat, incline, decline and vertical bench angles.

    Benefit from the maximum amount of variety your bench press.
    The MF-4000 features a total of 5 angle settings, including 2 incline angles.

    2 Sets of Barbell 2 Sets of Barbell

    2 Sets of Barbell Hooks & Safety Spot Bars

    • 1. 2 Sets of Barbell Hooks - The fully adjustable barbell hooks and safety spot bars allow for
      the full range of user heights as well as a great variety of exercises on the bench press and
      squat rack.
    • 2. Safety Spot Bars - Great for bench press or as an additional height level for the squat rack.
    Adjustable Leg Holders Adjustable Leg Holders

    Adjustable Leg Holders

    3 levels of adjustment for the leg holders. Great for keeping your body
    secure during decline exercises, such as decline bench, and ab crunches.

    Other features Other features
    • GS6 Technical Specifications


    • 38+ Exercises for a full body workout
    • Power-Tower module for dips, chin ups, knee raises and more
    • Free-standing & Foldable Ab-Bench
    • Lat Pulldown Bar, Curl Bar, Tricep Rope, Single Handle and Ankle Straps included
    • Height Adjustable Preacher Pad for Bicep Curls
    • Diagram Chart for workout guidance

    Dimensions and Weight

    Occupancy Size 211cm x 163cm x 248cm (L x W x H)
    Packaging Size Carton 1: 199cm x 67cm x 22cm (L x w x H), 78.5kg
    Carton 2: 187cm x 64cm x 21cm (L x w x H), 30kg
    Carton 3: 41cm x 24cm x 19cm (L x w x H), 25kg
    Carton 4: 41cm x 24cm x 19cm (L x w x H), 25kg
    Carton 5: 41cm x 24cm x 19cm (L x w x H), 25kg
    Gross Weight 184kg

    Structure & Technical

    • 200kg Max Body Weight
    • Dural Powder Coating Finish
    • Deluxe Padding and Stitching (Carbon Fibre Pattern)
    • Contoured / Lumbar support back padding
    • 2000lb tensile strength aircraft cables
    • Height Adjustable Seat
    • Height Adjustable Preacher Pad
    • 73.5kg Weight Stack: 12 x 5.7kg and 1x 5.1kg
    • Attachment Chain Link included

    Warranty Information

    This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:
    - 12 Months Parts replacement warranty
    *Please read our Warranty Terms & Conditions by clicking here