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SP-870 (M3) Spin Bike

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Prove your mettle with the Lifespan Fitness SP-870 M3 Spin Bike. The foundation of the SP-870 M3's appeal is in its 25kg commercial grade carbon steel TrueSpin Precision Flywheel. Such a heavy flywheel carries momentum extremely smoothly. Stand up through the commercial grade 2.0mm steel gauge thick tubular steel frame with strong 3-piece crank for an always sturdy & reliable ride. Spend more time working out in comfort with quick and easy SpeedLock seat adjustments. Along with the Heavy Duty Belt Drivetrain, you'll enjoy the most consistent, smooth, and quiet ride every time you step onto your SP-870 M3.


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    CommGrade CommGrade

    Commercial Grade Carbon Steel Flywheel

    Maintain a smooth and steady cadence for a better workout

    Our commercial quality, heavy flywheel replicates the momentum you get on a real bike,
    you'll feel just like you're cycling on the road, with smooth pedal strokes and a consistent cadence.

    FitLink FitLink

    Map, Track, Achieve

    Introducing a new, powerful fitness app developed to help you track and optimise your workout. Draw on the map to create a program that simulates distance and incline through the route. Experience live tracking as you travel through your route - just like the real world.

    Check product description for compatible units.

    GooglePlay AppStore AppleHealth AppleHealth

    Control your training by tracking complete fitness stats and goals. Improve your workout experience by training on various tracks around the world and watch coaching videos.


    Check product description for compatible units.

    GooglePlay AppStore AppleHealth

    Immerse yourself and chase goals with structured workouts, virtual races, and your very own virtual community curated by top coaches worldwide.


    Check product description for compatible units.

    GooglePlay AppStore AppleHealth
    Medibank Medibank
    SeatAdj SeatAdj

    SpeedLockTM Seat Adjustments

    Adjust your seat with ease while you ride. Whether you are getting ready or you're mid ride,
    simply pull the seat up to adjust higher or push the lever down to go lower - quick, easy, efficient!

    UnliResist UnliResist

    Unlimited Resistance

    Intensify your ride at the turn of a dial.

    Our resistance system delivers nearly unlimited resistance, which is perfect for high-intensity cardiovascular workouts.
    Replicate riding uphill and reach your fitness goals faster by increasing the tension and resistance at the turn of a dial.

    Multifunction Multifunction

    Multifunction LCD Display

    Keep track of your workout programs

    To keep track of your progress, this spin bike features a large LCD display to keep track of your
    workout progress with measurements such as calories, distance, pulse, speed, time, watts and
    cadence (RPM). Pulse sensors are built right into the handlebars for convenient pulse readings.

    ForeAftAdj ForeAftAdj

    Fore and Aft Adjustability

    Get the right fit for your body.

    With adjustable handlebar and saddle positions, you'll find a comfortable riding
    position no matter what size or shape you are. Suits riders up to 190cm tall.

    CommSteel CommSteel

    Commercial Steel Frame

    Our spin bikes come with a Lifetime Frame Warranty, you're getting a spin bike that will last.

    • Our spin bike frames offer:
    • Better stability and minimises rocking during hard sprints, fast pedalling or hill climbs.
    • Longer life performance, less prone to snapping or severe frame issues over time.
    • Correct ergonomic frame sizing allows proper road bike simulation & training
    • Max weight of 180kg
    BeltDrive BeltDrive

    Smooth Belt Drive System

    Maximum durability and smoothness

    This belt system provides the highest level of durability and smoothness, creating a
    quieter and more efficient ride. Belt drive means less moving parts and less maintenance.

    Saddle Saddle

    Comfort Sports Saddle

    A supported and comfortable saddle.

    ConvEntertain ConvEntertain

    Convenient Entertainment

    Stay entertainment throughout long rides with your iPad, tablet or mobile phone
    in clear sight. Watch your favourite show, fitness program or listen to music all at the
    reach of your fingertips. Exercise Bike Phone Holder holds devices up to 23.5cm long.

    CyclingMade CyclingMade

    Cycling Made Accessible

    The Exercise Bike Phone Holder is easy to use, simply slot your device into the firm
    clamps. Customise positioning with the adjustable screws and 360-degree rotation.

    Pedals Pedals

    Dual Sided Pedals

    Designed to suit indoor spin bikes, the dual-sided pedals can easily screw onto any spin
    bike with a standard crank (9/16"). Structured with strong aluminium, the double-sided
    spin bike pedals are designed to support riders throughout rigorous cycling sessions.

    1. Adjustable Straps and Toe Clip

    Shoes are securely strapped into the pedals with the adjustable tightening straps and toe clip. All shoe sizes can cycle in comfort with the big strap adjustment range making it easy to secure shoes in the pedals.

    2. Compatible with Shimano SPD Cleats

    Spin Bike pedals are compatible with all Shimano SPD pedal systems. Riders can easily clip their cleats onto the pedals for a realistic riding experience.


    Why is frame quality important?

    • Strong spin bike frames tend to offer:
    • Better stability and minimises rocking during hard sprints,
      fast pedalling or hill climbs.
    • Longer life performance, less prone to snapping or severe frame
      issues over time.

    Our spin bikes come with a Lifetime Frame Warranty so you know you're getting a spin bike that will last.


    TrueSpinTM Precision Flywheel

    Balance Tested for optimum stability and smoothness

    • Greatly increases bearing and axle life for a smoother ride
    • Reduces maintenance costs (loose nuts and bolts)
    • Minimises flywheel knocking noises
    OtherFeatures OtherFeatures

    *Velo Plush bike seat shown is not included. Bike seats are not included. Image used for
    demonstration purposes only. Contact us to check if your bike seat will be compatible.

    • Technical Specifications
    Resistance Manual Adjustable Mechanical Resistance
    Direct Edge Resistance System
    Push-down to stop
    Flywheel 25kg Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Flywheel
    Pedals Commercial Alloy pedals with toe clips
    Cranks 3-Piece Forged Steel BMX Strength Crank
    High grade sealed crank bearings
    Drivetrain Belt Drivetrain
    Drink Bottle Holder Yes
    Assembly Required This product comes partially assembled in a box with assembly instructions included
    Frame Tubular Steel
    TrueSpinTM Balance Tested Yes
    Transport Wheels Yes
    Floor levellers Yes
    Handle Bar Adjustable up/down, forwards/backwards
    In-built Hand Pulse Sensors
    Forearm Rests
    Seat Comfort Sports Saddle
    SpeedLock Adjusting system
    Adjustable up/down, forwards/backwards
    Adjustable Angle
    Crank Arm Length 170mm
    Centre Crank to Seat Top Range -
    Top Tube to Seat Centre Range -
    Occupancy Size 133cm x 54cm x 115cm (L x W x H)
    Packaging Size 111.5cm x 24cm x 86cm (L x w x H)
    Gross Weight 60kg
    Net Weight 54kg
    Maximum User Weight 160kg
    Cycle Monitor Large LCD display
    Shows multiple statistics at once
    Workout Statistics Time (min:sec)
    Speed (kph)
    Distance (km)
    Cadence (RPM)
    Pulse (BPM)
    Calories (Estimate)
    Heart Rate Reading Hand Pulse Sensors (EKG)

    Warranty Information

    This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:
    • Lifetime of 5 Years Spin Bike Frame warranty
    • 12 Months Parts replacement warranty
    *Please read our Warranty Terms & Conditions by clicking here