BN-9 FID Adjustable Exercise Bench

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    Large Range of Workout Options Large Range of Workout Options

    Large Range of Workout Options

    The BN-9 FID Adjustable Exercise Bench offers a vast array of workout possibilities to diversify your fitness routine. From flat bench presses for building a solid chest to inclined and declined positions for targeting specific muscle groups, this bench is your ticket to a comprehensive workout regimen.

    Multiple Angle Adjustability Multiple Angle Adjustability

    Multiple Angle Adjustability

    Achieve the perfect workout angle with ease using the BN-9's multiple angle adjustability. Whether you're focusing on incline bench presses, decline sit-ups, or flat bench flies, this bench provides hassle-free adjustments to accommodate your preferred workout position.

    Heavy Duty Construction

    Heavy Duty Construction

    Built to endure the most rigorous workouts, the BN-9 FID Bench boasts heavy-duty construction. Crafted from robust materials, it can withstand the test of time and intense training sessions, ensuring your investment in fitness equipment is a lasting one.

    Increased Stability

    Increased Stability

    The BN-9's sturdy frame and design provide a secure platform for lifting weights or performing bodyweight exercises, enhancing your safety and confidence during workouts.

    High Quality Padding & Stitching

    High Quality Padding & Stitching

    Experience unparalleled comfort during your workouts with the BN-9's high-quality padding and stitching. The bench's cushioning ensures a comfortable surface for exercises, while expert stitching guarantees durability, maintaining its form over time.

    Convenient Transportation Wheels

    Convenient Transportation Wheels

    Moving your workout bench has never been easier thanks to the convenient transportation wheels on the BN-9. Effortlessly roll the bench to your desired workout area, making your fitness routine flexible and accessible.

    • Technical Specifications


    • Fully adjustable from decline, flat and incline positions (8 Levels of Adjustable Back Rest & 4 Levels of Adjustable Seat)
    • Adjustable height on seat padding
    • Transportation Wheels for easy mobility
    • High Density padding
    • Wide and long backrest to assist user stability during workouts
    • Wide & Rubber footing base plate for bench stability


    Weight Load Total Weight capacity: 350kg
    Occupancy Size 116cm x 74cm x 119cm (L x W x H)
    Packaging Size 118cm x 47cm x 22cm (L x W x H)


    Frame 12-Gauge Commercial Grade Steel


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    •   12 Months Parts replacement warranty
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