C2 Black WalkingPad Treadmill with 150cm Dual Motor Automatic Standing Desk in Oak and Cable Management Tray

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    The Perfect Pair The Perfect Pair

    The Perfect Pair

    Work smarter not harder and enjoy your days at the desk – with options to sit, stand, or even walk while you work. Our ErgoDesk boasts easy height adjustments allowing you comfort at every movement of the day. Walking while you work not only boasts great fitness benefits, but allows you a more natural posture therefore alleviating any back and neck discomfort.

    Multi Purpose Desk Multi Purpose Desk

    Multi-purpose Desk

    Our ErgoDesk is designed as a versatile work-station to be used in all types of office or home applications. The desk features a large workspace of 150cm with room for everything you need, including two large cable holes big enough to safely fit all your electronic equipment and keep out of the way.

    *180cm desktop shown for illustration purposes

    180 Degrees Folding Technology 180 Degrees Folding Technology

    180° Folding Technology

    The WalkingPadTM C2 has a patented "double fold" technology that allows the treadmill to be folded 180° in half to protect and greatly reduce storage space.

    Slimmer than Slim Slimmer than Slim

    Slimmer than Slim

    With a sleek and thin design, the WalkingPadTM C2 is so compact that it can be stored in nearly any corner of your home, under the sofa, bed and other narrow spaces. Our WalkingPadTM C2 is 60% thinner than the standard treadmill.

    Adaptive Speed Control Adaptive Speed Control

    Adaptive Speed Control

    Reaching speeds of 6km/h, the WalkingPadTM automatically adjusts the speed by responding to your own movements in real time. Alternatively, set to manual mode and use the handheld remote or your mobile device to control your speed.

    1.0 HP Brushless DC Motor 1.0 HP Brushless DC Motor

    1.0 HP Brushless DC Motor

    This superior quality motor features a brushless design, which offers greater energy efficiency, a longer lifespan and quieter operation. Brushless DC motors require less maintenance than regular brush motors, creating additional convenience for all users.

    Under Desk Organiser Tray Under Desk Organiser Tray

    Under Desk Organiser Tray

    Height Adjustable with Quick Release

    With two height adjustments and openings at each end, the spacious tray makes it easy to route and store all your cables. The open tray keeps cords free from tangling and damage with increased ventilation to avoid overheating.

    Comfortable Walking Platform

    Comfortable Walking Platform

    The WalkingPadTM C2 walking platform boasts high-density fiberboard used to ensure its excellent quality. EVA cushioning layer provides extra comfort with low friction, while the walking belt is wear-resistant with anti-slip technology.

    Easy Height Adjustments

    Easy Height Adjustments

    Setting the right height is extremely important – this allows you to have the right posture, the correct height for reading, writing or typing. With a robust dual motor configuration you can adjust your workspace quickly and efficiently, time and time again. Finetune, pre-set and adjust the height of your table automatically with the LED controller.

    Advanced Technology

    Advanced Technology

    Work smarter, not harder with dual motors – adjust your workspace quickly and efficiently, time and time again. Feel confident with quick height adjustments, our Intelligent Collision Sensor will automatically stop and protect your desk and surroundings when it feels an obstacle in its way.

    Exclusive APP Sports Data

    Exclusive APP Sports Data

    Through the APP's data management, you can record and see every movement and utilise the data to witness subtle changes.

    Novice Learning Guide

    Novice Learning Guide

    When using the WalkingPadTM C2 for the first time, the user will first enter the learning mode, after the user is familarised and comfortable with the application, the Walking Pad's maximum speed can be unlocked.

    Family Safe

    Family Safe

    One-button child lock to protect children. Once the child lock function is turned on, the panel will display "LOCK" and the WalkingPadTM will be fully locked.

    • Technical Specifications


    Motor 1 HP WalkingPad Brushless Motor
    • Min. Speed: 0.5 kph
    • Max. Speed: 6 kph
    • Adjustable Speed increments of 0.1
    • Adjustments via App or handheld remote
    • LED Screen
    • Shows Speed, time, distance
    Shock Absorption EVA & PET
    Running Surface 120 x 40 cm
    Remote Control Yes
    Double Fold Technology Yes
    Handrail Adjustment No
    Transport Wheels Yes
    Power Requires Main Power


    Occupancy Size
    • Treadmill - 144.5cm x 51.8cm x 12.5cm (L x W x H)
    • Desk - 150cm x 78cm x 70-118cm (L x W x H)
    Storage Size Treadmill - 82.2cm x 51.8cm x 13.6cm (L x W x H)
    Packaging Size
    • Treadmill - 90cm x 60cm x 19.5cm (L x W x H)
    • Desk - 100cm x 34.5cm x 21.5cm, 157.5cm x 82.5cm x 5.5cm (L x W x H)
    Maximum Load
    • Treadmill - 100kg
    • Desk - 100kg
    Gross Weight
    • Treadmill - 28kg
    • Desk - 42kg
    Net Weight
    • Treadmill - 25kg
    • Desk - 37.5kg


    • This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:
    • • 2 Years Frame warranty
    • • 12 Months Parts Replacement Warranty
    • *Please read our Warranty Terms & Conditions by clicking here