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Contour Studio Commercial Pilates Reformer Machine

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Elevate your gym space with the truly modern Contour Studio Pilates Set, designed for professional and commercial use. Seamlessly blending durability and contemporary aesthetic, the Contour Studio is crafted with a premium-quality aluminium frame, guaranteed to endure intense, daily usage in a commercial setting.


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    Commercial Grade Construction Commercial Grade Construction

    Commercial Grade Construction

    The Contour Studio is specifically engineered for commercial use. The machine features a high-quality aluminium frame, premium padding and high tensile springs which allow it to withstand rigorous use. Whether you intend to workout at home or in a professional setting, the Contour Studio is the perfect choice.

    Superior High-Tensile Springs Superior High-Tensile Springs

    Superior High-Tensile Springs

    The Contour Studio comes fitted with tempered high-carbon steel springs which offer enhanced performance and durability. These springs are designed to withstand greater force and repeated stress without losing elasticity.

    Premium Leather Pads Premium Leather Pads

    Premium Leather Pads

    Made from microfibre leather, these pads offer enhanced comfort and durability compared to those made from standard PU leather. The inclusion of EVA foam also provides greater stress crack resistance and impact resistance.

    Experience a Dynamic Full Body Workout Experience a Dynamic Full Body Workout

    Experience a Dynamic Full Body Workout

    Unleash your potential with a comprehensive full-body workout that engages major muscles and boosts flexibility, enhancing overall strength and balance in every session.

    Fully Adjustable Wide Range of Workouts

    Fully Adjustable for a Wide Range of Workouts

    With the 6 adjustable foot bar positions and 5 adjustable stopper positions, you will have plenty of flexibility when calibrating the machine. The 3 adjustable headrest positions also provide more customisation depending on your workout needs.

    Adjustable 6 Spring System

    Adjustable 6 Spring System

    The Contour Studio spring platform comes with 2 positions, allowing you to fine tune the tension for your workout. Featuring 2 red springs for hard resistance, 2 green springs for medium, and 2 yellow springs for light. You can easily tailor your workout to the desired intensity level.

    Perfect for all Skill Levels

    Perfect for all Skill Levels

    From beginners to experts, this set is designed to accommodate everyone, providing a platform for growth and progress at every level.

    Smooth & Quiet Wheels

    Smooth & Quiet Wheels

    The fluidity of movement is paramount in Pilates, the smooth and quiet wheels ensure that you can reposition the set with ease.