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75kg Tri-Grip 25mm Standard Weight Plate Set

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Build your home gym collection with the Cortex 75kg Cast Iron Weight Plate Set. This set comes with 16 weight plates, including 4 of each sized weight: 1.25, 2.5, 5, and 10kg. Our cast iron weight plates are durable and reliable, built to last and stays strong even in intense workouts. Find plenty of precision for targeting smaller muscle groups and the weight you need to challenge yourself with big compound lifts. There's plenty of variety with weights ranging between 1.25-10kg.


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    75kg set
    75kg set
    Heavy Duty Heavy Duty

    Heavy Duty Cast Iron

    Our Cast Iron Plates are made with high quality durable materials to endure the toughest of your workouts.
    The cast iron plates are constructed to be rust and chip free, ensuring your weights will last a lifetime.

    Tri-Grip Tri-Grip


    For easy handling, the tri-grip design creates an ease of use during your workout.
    Loading and unloading your weights has never been so easy. Due to the tri-grip
    design you can maintain a comfortable grip when training solely with the plates.

    Compatible Compatible

    Compatible with Standard Bars

    The perfect fit for all standard bars, the 25mm steel ring ensures a secure fit onto the bar.

    • Technical Specifications


    Our Cast Iron Tri-Grip 25mm Standard weight plates are built to last. The Tri-Grip design allows for easy handling and heavy duty cast iron ensures maximum durability. The 25mm hole is compatible with standard sized bar sleeves.


    Features Cast Iron Weight Plates
    25mm hole diameter to suit Standard Barbells
    Weights 4 x 10kg Cast Iron Tri-Grip Weight Plate
    4 x 5kg Cast Iron Tri-Grip Weight Plate
    4 x 2.5kg Cast Iron Tri-Grip Weight Plate
    4 x 1.25kg Cast Iron Tri-Grip Weight Plate

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    This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:
    - 12 Months Parts replacement warranty
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