BN11 FID Bench with Preacher Curl and Leg Curl/Extension

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Undertake a range of exercises on the BN-11 Exercise FID Bench with Preacher Pad & Leg Extension. Gain the right support with a fully adjustable bench with decline, flat and incline positions. The preacher pad is height adjustable to provide a firm foundation for intensive bicep curls. Move onto the lower body with the leg extension, compatible with Olympic 50mm and Standard 25mm Weight Plates. The bench is built to last workout after workout with a deluxe padding and stitching design.


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    Versatile Versatile

    A Versatile Bench

    Get a complete full body workout with our versatile bench design. Target
    your upper body with bench presses, bicep curls and chest presses. Feel the
    burn as you train your lower body with the leg extension and leg curl.

    • 1. Adjustable Bench
    • 2. Preacher Pad
    • 3. Leg Extension and Leg Curl
    • 4. Weight Plate Storage
    • 5. Preacher Attachment
    Built Built

    Built to Last

    Using high quality steel, the BN-11 bench uses a solid, commercial
    inspired frame that will endure the toughest workouts.



    The ergonomic design caters to all users, with a fully adjustable bench from decline, flat and incline positions. With 3 height levels the preacher pad adjusts to support tough bicep curls.


    Compatible with Olympic
    and Standard Weight Plates

    Compatible with most weight plates, the leg extension holds Olympic 50mm or Standard 25mm weight plates with a max weight of 30kg.

    Deluxe Padding Deluxe Padding

    Deluxe Padding & Stitching

    The perfect amount of cushioning supported by
    strong stitching for any type of exercise.

  • Technical Specifications
    • Fully adjustable from decline, flat and incline positions (7 levels)
    • Preacher pad with adjustable height, 3 levels
    • Leg Extension & Leg Curl with Standing Bicep Curl Bar
    • Leg Extension compatible with Olympic 50mm or Standard 25mm Weight Plates
    • Deluxe Padding & Stitching for durability
    Weight Load Total Weight capacity: 250kg
    Leg Extension: 30kg
    Occupancy Sizee 162cm x 71.4cm x 124.3cm (L x W x H)
    Packaging Size 134cm x 65cm x 18cm (L x W x H)
    Frame Tubular Steel

    Warranty Information

    This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:
    • 12 Months Parts replacement warranty
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