MF4000 Bench Press with 90kg Standard Tri-Grip Weight and Bar Set

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Start lifting weights at home with our CORTEX MF4000 Multi-Functional Bench 90kg Home Gym Package. All the essentials to set up your home gym, including our MF-400 multi-functional bench press and squat rack, and a variety of standard bars and weights to complete a full body workout in your very own home gym.


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    MF4000 Bench MF4000 Bench

    MF4000 Bench Press + 90kg Bar Set

    Our Cast Iron Plates are made with high quality durable materials to endure the toughest of your workouts.
    The cast iron plates are constructed to be rust and chip free, ensuring your weights will last a lifetime.

    Multi-Functional Bench Press and Squat Rack

    *Weights and Barbell Not Included

    Multi-Functional Bench Press Multi-Functional Bench Press
    Tri-Grip Tri-Grip


    For easy handling, the tri-grip design creates an ease of use during your workout.
    Loading and unloading your weights has never been so easy. Due to the tri-grip
    design you can maintain a comfortable grip when training solely with the plates.

    Compatible with Standard Bars Compatible with Standard Bars

    Compatible with Standard Bars

    The perfect fit for all standard bars, the 25mm steel ring ensures a secure fit onto the bar.

    Dumbbell Handles Dumbbell Handles

    Dumbbell Handles

    These dumbbell handles are ideal for strength training, features a rubber grip
    handle, spiral lock collars (Star shaped) and a strong chrome finish for durability.

    180cm Barbell 180cm Barbell

    180cm Barbell

    Chrome plating and a steel core to last a lifetime. Knurl gripping and comes with two spiral collars.

    • 1. Loadable Sleeve Length 26.5cm
    • 2. Knurling
    • 3. Inner Bar Section: 125cm Length
    Standard Curl Bar Standard Curl Bar

    Standard Curl Bar

    Chrome Plated and a steel core to last a lifetime. Knurl gripped and ergonomically designed
    to fit most shoulder widths during key workouts. Comes with 2 spiral collars per curl bar.

    • 1. Loadable Sleeve Length 19cm
    • 2. Knurling
    • 3. Max Holding Length: 79.5cm Length


    Knurling for easier grip at standard shoulder width.

    Spiral Collars

    Spiral Collars Included

    Secure your weight plates on the barbell with easy to use, spiral collars. Simply spin the collars to lock and unlock.