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Plyo Box 24" (60cm)

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Generate explosive intensity on leg days with the Cortex Plyo Box 24" (Black). Get the blood pumping with an explosive plyometric workout to improve strength and agility. Push yourself to your limits with huge box jumps, hops, and shuffles over the 24-inch Plyo Box. You'll be feeling a deep burn through your quads and glutes after a workout on the 24-inch Plyo Box.


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    Strong Strong

    Strong Steel Construction

    Built for explosive athletic training, our Plyo Boxes are constructed using High Quality Steel. The Plyo
    Box guarantees stability throughout your workout and can be securely stored away after when not in use.

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    Stable Training

    Our Plyo Boxes are fitted with a rubber base that grips firmly to the floor to minimise movement during
    workouts. Prevent injuries as you train with a slip-resistant platform to improve control through any exercise.