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Sleeved Battle Rope 38mm*15m

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Get a full-body workout with our Cortex Sleeved Battle Rope. Sleeved and engineered with high-density Nylon, Our Cortex Battle Rope is designed to endure the toughest of workouts. Whether you're into CrossFit or HIT, or just looking to do some resistance and endurance training, the variety offered by the Cortex Battle Rope has all bases covered.


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    Variety Variety

    Variety in Training

    With more than one way to battle, our Cortex battle Ropes are the perfect pieces of equipment for those looking
    to lose weight, improve imbalances in strength and endurance, and tone or gain muscle mass and strength.



    Rope Sleeves provide extra protection to the rope to avoid fraying, essentially extending the lifespan of the rope itself.


    High Density Nylon

    We have designed our ropes with high-density Nylon, making them twice as strong as ropes manufactured with natural fibers. Nylon has great tensile strength and resistance to creep; this means that your battle rope will endure your most demanding workouts and have a lengthy lifespan.

    Athlete Training Athlete Training

    Athlete Training

    Not just for the gym-goers. Perfect for Boxers, Swimmers, Martial
    Artists, and Players of Rugby, Basketball, AFL, and Tennis.

    • Technical Specifications
    Battle ropes will provide one of the best upper-body workouts with easy and effective workout motions. You can expect great results in terms of endurance, power while toning and sculpting your whole body!
    Features 13kg
    15m long, 38mm diameter
    Sleeved for longevity

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