GS7 Multi Station Home Gym with 96.5kg Weight Stack + MF4000 Bench Press + 70kg EnduraShell Weight Plate Package

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Achieve a complete home workout with the CORTEX GS7 Multi Station Home Gym with 96.5kg weight Stack, bench press and 70kg weight plate package. Discover endless possibilities with 60+ exercise options and expanded 96.5kg weight stack, suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. The GS7 model upgrades leg and chest fly sections to help enhance your workout. The MF-4000 offers five levels of adjustable incline angles, from decline to incline, as well as the ability to double as a squat rack. The additional bar and weight plate combo completes this ultimate GS7 Home Gym package.


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    Complete Complete

    The Complete Package

    This package comes with

    • Cortex GS7 Multi Station Multi-Function Home Gym
    • Cortex MF4000 Bench Press
    • Cortex Standard 6ft Barbell (25mm)
    • Cortex Standard Dumbbell Handles (Pairs)
    • Cortex Standard Curl Bar
    • Endurashell 25mm Plates
    • Cortex 23kg Weight Stack
    MultiStation MultiStation

    Multi-Station Versatility

    Our complex and efficient design delivers a complete full body workout. Cable attachment points on
    the upper, middle and lower sections are compatible with a range of attachments. Work in some
    bodyweight exercise with the built-in power tower, and work your core with the sit-up bench.

    • 1. Lat Pulldown Bar
    • 2. Chest Press / Flys
    • 3. Preacher Pad
    • 4. 73.5kg Weight Stack (Default)
    • 5. Leg Extension
    • 6. Integrated Power Tower (Allows for body weight exercises ranging from pull ups, chin-ups, dips and more)
    • 7. Squat/Shoulder Press Station
    Additional Additional

    Additional Leg Station

    The new GS7 now features a fully-integrated leg station, with options for squats,
    calf raises and lunges. Incorporate Standard or Olympic weight plates for that extra burn.

    EnduraShell EnduraShell

    EnduraShell Weight Plates

    Our Cortex 25mm Studio Weight Plates are encased with strong, durable
    PVC coating, built to last time and time again for your workouts.


    Multi-Functional Bench Press and Squat Rack

    Multi-Functional Bench Press and Squat Rack

    *Weights and bars not included


    For Beginners to Pros

    The GS7 features a fully customisable weight stack with a default total of 73.5kg. You have the option of installing extra weights for a total of 96.5kg, ensuring a wide range of weight options for every user.

    • 1. Default total 73.5kg
    • 2. Additional 23kg Weight Stack included
    180cm 180cm

    180cm Barbell

    Chrome plating and a steel core to last a lifetime. Knurl gripping and comes with two spiral collars.

    • 1. Loadable Sleeve Length - 26.5cm
    • 2. Knurling
    • 3. Inner Bar Section - 125cm Length
    Standard Standard

    Standard Curl Bar

    Chrome Plated and a steel core to last a lifetime. Knurl gripped and ergonomically designed
    to fit most shoulder widths during key workouts. Comes with 2 spiral collars per curl bar.

    • 1. Loadable Sleeve Length - 19cm
    • 2. Knurling
    • 3. Max Holding Length - 79.5cm Length

    Dumbbell Handles

    These dumbbell handles are ideal for strength training, feature rubber grip handles, spiral lock collars (star shaped) and a strong chrome finish for durability.



    Knurling for easier grip at standard shoulder width.


    Fit & Finish

    Chrome finish for durability, prevents rust and looks great.


    Spiral Collars Included

    Secure your weight plates on the barbell with easy to use, spiral collars. Simply spin the collars to lock and unlock.

    • Technical Specifications


    • 60+ Exercises for a full body workout
    • Lat Pulldown Bar, Curl Bar, Tricep Rope, Single Handle and Ankle Straps included
    • Power-Tower module for dips, chin ups, knee raises and more
    • Squat, Calf Raises, Lunges & Shoulder Press station
    • Height Adjustable Preacher Pad for Bicep Curls
    • Diagram Chart for workout guidance


    Packaging Size
    • Carton 1: 192.5cm × 49.5cm × 21cm (L × w × H), 53.5kg
    • Carton 2: 100.5cm × 61.5cm × 19cm (L × w × H), 38.5kg
    • Carton 3: 176.5cm × 44cm × 20.5cm (L × W × H), 54kg
    • Carton 4: 39.5cm × 20cm × 27cm (L × W × H), 34kg
    • Carton 5: 39.5cm × 20cm × 27cm (L × W × H), 34kg
    Occupancy Size 211cm × 261.6cm × 231cm (L × W × H)
    Gross Weight 221kg


    • 200kg Max Body Weight
    • Durable Powder Coating Finish
    • Deluxe Padding and Stitching (Carbon Fibre Pattern)
    • Contoured / Lumbar support back padding
    • 2000lb tensile strength aircraft cables
    • Standard (25mm) and Olympic (50mm) Weight Plate Compatible
    • Frame: 16-gauge steel (1.5mm), 70mm × 50mm tubing
    • Angle Adjustable Arm Station
    • Height Adjustable Seat
    • Height Adjustable Preacher Pad
    • 96.5kg Weight Stack: 12 × 5.7kg and 1x 5.1kg + Expandable 4x 5.7kg Addon Stack
    • Attachment Chain Link included


    • Includes:
    • 4x CORTEX 1.25kg EnduraShell Standard Weight Plate
    • 4x CORTEX 2.5kg EnduraShell Standard Weight Plate
    • 4x CORTEX 5kg EnduraShell Standard Weight Plate
    • 2x CORTEX 10kg EnduraShell Standard Weight Plate
    • 1x CORTEX MF-4000 Multifunctional Bench Press
    • 1x CORTEX 6ft Standard Barbell
    • 1x CORTEX Standard Dumbbell Handles Pair
    • 1x CORTEX Standard Curl Bar
    • 1x 23kg Weight Stack Addon (WPSCONC25-SET2)


    • This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:
    • – 12 Months Parts replacement warranty
    • *Please read our Warranty Terms & Conditions by clicking here


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