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Trampoline Anchor Kit (Steel Buckles)

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Strap in for a sturdier bounce with the Steel Buckle Trampoline Anchor Kit. Protect your trampoline from damage caused by the trampoline flipping in the wind by securing it to the ground. Even distribution of weight through the ground also improves jumping stability and prolongs the life of the trampoline.


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    Large Metal Anchors and Heavy Duty Straps

    The anchor kit comes with 4 large industrial strength metal anchors and 4 heavy duty straps that is designed to minimize the effects
    of strong winds which may lead to flipping, damaging or moving your trampoline. It may also minimise the heavy shaking of trampoline
    legs and prolongs the life of your trampoline, which ultimately leads to a safer, a more sturdy and rigid trampoline.

    • Technical Specifications


      - 4x Large Industrial strength metal anchors
    - 4x Heavy Duty straps

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    Assembly Details Warranty

      - 12 Months Parts replacement warranty