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30kg Dumbbell and Barbell 2-in-1 Set

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Target your chest, biceps, arms, triceps, back muscles and more with the 30kg Dumbbell and Barbell 2-in-1 Set. Switch between dumbbell and barbell workouts with the connecting rod and weight plates to diversify your home workout. Modify your dumbbell or barbell to your desired weight with the 2.5kg and 1.5kg weight plates, simply load and unload weights as often as you like.


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    Main Image
    Main Image
    Versatile Versatile

    Versatile 2-in-1 Set

    Our all-in-one dumbbell and barbell set supports strength training
    exercises from isolation lifts to full body workouts. Case included.

    Dumbbell to Barbell Dumbbell to Barbell

    Dumbbell to Barbell

    Switch from dumbbells to a barbell with the 34.5cm connector rod,
    allowing you to complete both dumbbell and barbell training movements.

    Adjustable Adjustable

    Adjustable Weights

    Bump up the intensity of your workout routine or train light
    with a big variety of weight options between 3kg and 30kg.


    Steel Handles

    Our steel dumbbells with a chromium-plate finish are built to last a lifetime. Get the right grip and comfort with non abrasive knurling.

    Home Gym

    Home Gym

    With a single piece of equipment, you�ll be able to complete a variety of strength exercises by increasing the weights and interchanging between barbell and dumbbell exercises.

    Dimensions Dimensions

    Bar Dimensions

  • Technical Specifications
  • Features

    • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
    • Spiral Lock Collars
    • Chrome Plated for Durability
    • Connecting rod

    Dimensions and Weight

    Dimensions Dumbbell Handle Length: 34.5cm
    Connecting Rod Length: 34.5cm
    2.5kg Weight Plate Diameter: 15.5cm
    1.5kg Weight Plate Diameter: 12.5cm
    Packaging Size Carton: 40cm x 28.5cm x 17.5cm (L x W x H)
    Gross Weight 30kg

    Set Inclusions

    2x Dumbbell Handles
    1x Connecting Rod
    4x Spiral Lock Collars
    8x 2.5kg Plates
    4x 1.5kg Plates

    Warranty Information

    This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:
    - 12 Months Parts replacement warranty
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