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GRK100 with FID Bench and 90kg Olympic Bars and Bumper Weights

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    AllInOne AllInOne


    Get a complete and full body workout with access to a huge variety of strength exercises all
    on the one machine. Easily add weight to increase the intensity during your training sessions.

    • 1. Power Rack
    • 2. Cable Cross Over
    • 3. Plate Loaded Weight Stack
    • 4. Chin up/ Pull up Bar
    • 5. Dip Handles
    • 6. Adjustable Safety Spot Bars
    • 7. Adjustable J-Hooks
    • 8. Landmine Barbell Holder
    • 9. Foot Plate
    • 10. Weight Plate Storage & Barbell Holder
    BuiltToLast BuiltToLast

    Built to Last

    Using high quality steel, our GRK100 station uses a solid,
    long-lasting frame that will endure the toughest workouts.

    Attachments Attachments

    Interchangeable Attachments Included

    Add variety into your workout by alternating from our standard attachments compatible with our GRK-100. Attachments include:
    Straight Bar, Pulley Handles, Lat Pulldown / Curl Bar, Landmine and Handle (compatible with 50mm and 25mm bars).

    VersatileBench VersatileBench

    A Versatile Bench

    Complete a variety of workouts on the GBN-006 ranging from bench press, bicep curl and
    shoulder press. The GBN-006 is compatible with squat racks, power cages and smith machines.

    CortexBlack CortexBlack
    BlackSeries BlackSeries

    Black Series V2 Bumper Plates

    Our Olympic Bumper Plates (V2) are designed to IWF standards to ensure
    maximum quality and reliability. 50mm hole diameter on all sizes.

    OlympicSpecs OlympicSpecs

    Built to Olympic Specifications

    With high quality stainless steel mixed with needle bearings, 28mm grip diameter and an
    industry standard 7ft sizing, the SPARTAN100 20kg Olympic Barbell is optimized for both Olympic lifts and Powerlifting.

    • 1. Loadable Sleeve Length: 41cm
    • 2. Knurl Gripping
    • 3. Max Holding Length: 130.8cm
    Knurling Knurling


    Our knurling provides a great balance between a firm but non-abrasive grip.


    Needle Bearings

    Needle Bearings provide a smooth rotation and minimises friction during Olympic lifts.


    Lockjaw Collars Included

    Keep your weights secure with our included lockjaw collars. Loading and unloading weight plates is quick and easy thanks to the improved clamping power.

    • Technical Specifications


    • Multifunctional 6-IN-1 Power Rack, Cable Crossover, Barbell Landmine, Chin-up, Dips and Weight Storage.
    • Height Adjustable cable pulley machine with weight plate intake (25/50 mm weight plate)
    • Multi-grip double chin-up bar with two handle options
    • Comes with Attachments: Straight Bar Handle, Lat Pulldown Bar, Parallel Landmine Handle

    Dimensions and Weight

    Packaging Size (GRK-100)
    • Carton 1: 198.5cm × 34.5cm × 18.5cm (L × W × H), 43kg
    • Carton 2: 121cm × 54.5cm × 30cm (L × W × H), 42kg
    • Carton 3: 59.5cm × 37.5cm × 17cm (L × W × H), 17kg
    Occupancy Size (GRK-100) 120cm × 146cm × 212cm (L × W × H)
    Net Weight (GRK-100) 102kg


    • 14 height positions for safety spotter, J-hooks
    • Height Adjustable Dip Bars (can be taken off)
    • Foldable Foot Plates
    • Two J-Hooks with rubber bearing surface
    • 2 Weight Storage Pegs (25mm/50mm plates compatible)
    • Load-bearing capacity control cable: max. 200 kg per side
    • Load-bearing capacity safety spotter: max. 200 kg
    • Load-bearing capacity J-hooks: max. 200 kg
    • Load-bearing capacity weight disc holder 50 kg
    • Load-bearing capacity pull-up bar: max. 150 kg

    Package Includes

    • 1x LSG GRK-100 6-in-1 Multifunction Home Gym/Power Rack with Cable Crossover
    • 1x LSG GBN-006 14-Level FID Exercise Bench
    • 2x CORTEX 5kg Black Series V2 Bumper Plate (Olympic, 50mm)
    • 2x CORTEX 10kg Black Series V2 Bumper Plate (Olympic, 50mm)
    • 2x CORTEX 20kg Black Series V2 Bumper Plate (Olympic, 50mm)
    • 1x CORTEX SPARTAN100 7FT 20KG Olympic Barbell with Lockjaw Collars (Olympic, 50mm)

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