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SM-25 6-in-1 Power Rack with Smith & Cable Machine

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    AllInOne AllInOne


    Our multi-functional gym station allows you to undertake a huge variety of strength workouts all
    on the one machine. Get a full body workout and target key muscle groups with numerous upper
    and lower body exercises. Add weights to increase the intensity during your training sessions.

    Exercises Exercises

    Feel the Burn Through 36+ Exercises

    Isolate specific muscle groups or focus on endurance exercises. Find the ultimate variety of
    home gym strength training with more than 36 available exercises.

    *Exercise may require extra equipment e.g. weights, benches or attachments

    DualWeight DualWeight

    Dual Weight Stack System

    The SM-25's Dual Weight Stack System allows the two pulleys to have their own
    separate weight stacks. This allows for smoother transitions and secure adjustments.
    With a maximum weight of 148kg, the user can adjust weights by increments of 5.7kg.

    Smith Smith

    Smith Machine

    Push yourself to the limit knowing that multiple safety measures are in place to keep your workout safe.
    The fitted guide rails keep the bar vertical and linear for smooth and even movements, as well as multiple
    hooking points. With the SM-25 you can max out your training load without needing a spotter.


    Pivoting Pulleys

    The horizontally pivoting pulleys offer unlimited upper and lower body workout options. The heavy-duty cables maintain their strength without jeopardising integrity throughout heavy weight training sessions.


    Barbell & Weight Storage

    Keep your weight plates stored conveniently on the power rack with the storage pegs, compatible with Olympic Plates and Standard Plates. Enjoy the ease of access with the upright Olympic Barbell Holder, suitable for 50mm diameter bars.


    Squat Rack

    Perfect for all your barbell exercises, the SM-25's integrated Squat Rack allows you to load weights safely with the support of the adjustable J-Hooks, and keeps you safe with the long Safety Bars to catch the bar if you run out of energy. The SM-25's Squat Rack is independent from the cable pulleys, making it easier to switch between workouts, and is compatible with both Standard and Olympic barbells.


    Attachments Included

    Add variety into your workout by alternating from our standard attachments compatible with our SM-25. Attachments include: Straight Bar, Pulley Handles and Lat Pulldown / Curl Bar.

    Assembly Assembly
    • Technical Specifications


    • Multifunctional 6-IN-1 Smith Machine, Power Rack, Barbell Landmine, Chin-up, Dips and Weight Storage.
    • Cable pulley machine with a twin 74kg weight stack, 12x5.7kg Plates & 1x 5.6kg plate
    • 203cm Smith Machine/Guided Smith barbell with Olympic 50mm Intakes
    • Two adjustable safety spotters with rubberised bearing surface
    • Multi-grip double chin-up bar with two handle options
    • Attachments: Landmine Handle, Straight Curl Bar, 2x Single Arm Attachments, Lat pulldown, Leg Roller & Extension chains


    Packaging Size
    • Carton 1: 213cm × 36.5cm × 14.5cm (L × W × H), 45.5kg
    • Carton 2: 222cm × 30cm × 90cm (L × W × H), 44.2kg
    • Carton 3: 117cm × 40cm × 13.5cm (L × W × H), 42kg
    • Carton 4: 77cm × 54cm × 17.5cm (L × W × H), 41.5kg
    • Carton 5: 38.5cm × 20cm × 27cm (L × W × H), 34kg
    • Carton 6: 38.5cm × 20cm × 27cm (L × W × H), 34kg
    • Carton 7: 38.5cm × 20cm × 27cm (L × W × H), 34kg
    • Carton 8: 38.5cm × 20cm × 27cm (L × W × H), 34kg
    Occupancy Size 186cm × 151.4cm × 218cm (L × W × H)
    Net Weight 296kg


    • 10 height positions for safety spotter, J-hooks
    • 10 height positions smith machine bar
    • 350mm long safety spotter arm
    • Height Adjustable Dip Bars (can be taken off)
    • Foldable Foot Plates
    • Height Adjustable Smith Machine Spotter
    • Two J-Hooks with rubber bearing surface
    • 4 Weight Storage Pegs (25/50mm plates compatible)
    • Material: powder-coated 16-gauge steel (1.5mm)
    • Load-bearing capacity smith machine: max. 150 kg
    • Load-bearing capacity safety spotter: max. 200 kg
    • Load-bearing capacity J-hooks: max. 180 kg
    • Load-bearing capacity weight disc holder 50 kg
    • Load-bearing capacity pull-up bar: max. 200 kg


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    • 12 Months Parts replacement warranty
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