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V-FOLD Treadmill with ErgoDesk Automatic Standing Desk 1500mm in Oak

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Diversify your home workstation and switch out your desk chair with the V-FOLD Treadmill with Ergodesk Automatic Standing Desk with Oak 150cm tabletop. Improve your posture and feel energised with the multi-purpose Ergodesk complete with a spacious and height adjustable table. Suited for any home, the V-FOLD's slim and space saving design is 60% thinner than the standard treadmill and caters to compact storage spaces. Keep active while you work and reap the therapeutic benefits of the V-FOLD with Ergodesk.


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    V Fold
    V Fold
    Multi Purpose Multi Functional

    MultiFunctional Desk

    Our ErgoDesk is designed as a versatile work-station to be used in all types of office or home
    applications. The desk boasts a large workspace of 150cm with room for everything you need, including
    two large cable holes big enough to safely fit all your electronic equipment and keep out of the way.

    Therapeutic Therapeutic

    Therapeutic Benefits

    Sitting for long periods puts enormous pressure on your lower back and spine. Incorporating a
    dynamic workspace will decrease your sitting time, and minimise back pain and discomfort.
    Get ready to improve your posture, work ethic, energy levels, health and wellness.

    Adaptive Speed

    Space Saving and Slim Design

    The V-FOLD's thin design and effortless folding mechanism allows the treadmill to be folded 180° in half for convenient storage in compact spaces. One folded, simply hold the handle and roll with ease.


    Height Adjustable

    Setting the right height is extremely important - this allows you to have the right posture, the correct height for reading, writing or typing. You'll be able to finetune, pre-set and adjust the height of your table automatically with the LED controller.

    Advance Technology

    Advanced Technology Features

    Walk or run with peace of mind knowing the V-Folds adaptive speed control adjusts your speed by responding to your own movements. Alternatively, set to manual using the handheld or mobile device to control your speed. The fully integrated light-emitting LED panel offers a clear display showing time, speed distance and steps.

    Safety Features

    Safety Features

    The low design of the V-FOLD allows you to step on and off with ease, reducing any risks of tripping or falling. The Ergodesk’s built in sensor technology protects surroundings by automatically stopping the moving desk when it feels an obstacle in its way.

    EverDrive EverDrive

    1.25 CHP EverDrive® H4X Brushless Motor

    Our latest innovative EverDrive® HX Brushless Motors are the forefront of treadmill
    motor technology. Utilising a brushless design, you’ll experience a more efficient,
    more durable, quieter and lighter motor without compromising performance.

    Comfort step

    Comfort with Every Step

    The V-FOLD walking platform boasts a high-density DuraGrip running belt used to ensure its excellent quality. EVA cushioning layer provides extra comfort with, while the walking belt is wear-resistant with anti-slip technology.

    Heavy Duty

    Heavy Duty Materials

    The ErgoDesk frame is built from solid, industrial steel, with a large and stable footprint. While the V-Fold frame is produced with incredibly strong, yet lightweight aluminium alloy, offering a simple and elegant design. The table top features a high-density fiberboard with a fireproof surface and smooth matte finish.

    KS Fit App KS Fit App

    How to Connect Your Treadmill to the KS Fit App

    • Technical Specifications
    Speed 0.5 to 10km/h
    Motor 1.25 CHP EverDrive® H4X Brushless Motor
    Suspension ShockControlTM Cushioning System
    Incline N/A
    Running Surface DuraGrip® AS Belt
    1200mm x 440mm (L x W)
    Belt Width 440mm
    Maximum Load 110kg


    Frame Heavy Duty Gauge Steel
    • Automatic Height Adjustments from 70cm to 118cm
    • 2x Table Cord Grommet
    • Black Powdercoat Steel Frame for a sleek look
    • Designed for our Walkstation B for a great Treadmill desk combination
    • 3 Preset Height Levels customised to your needs
    Occupancy Size (Handles Up) 146cm x 72cm x 103cm (L x W x H)
    Occupancy Size (Handles Down) 146cm x 72cm x 16cm (L x W x H)
    Folded Size 100cm x 72cm x 16cm (L x W x H)
    Packaging Size 109cm x 21cm x 77cm(L x W x H)
    Gross Weight 41kg
    Net Weight 36.5kg


    Assembled Size 150cm x 78cm x 70-118cm (L x W x H)
    Packaging Size 100cm x 34.5cm x 21.5cm (L x W x H) - 23kg
    157.5cm x 82.5cm x 5.5cm (L x W x H) - 19kg
    Table Dimensions 150cm x 78cm x 25mm (L x W x T)
    Adjustable Height Range 70cm - 118cm
    Max Weight 100kg
    Gross Weight 42kg
    Net Weight 37.5kg
    Power Adaptor (ErgoDesk) 32V DC 8A (Plug in Wall required)
    Console LCD Display
    Allows Adaptive Speed Control
    Lock Mode (Phone App Required)
    Workout Statistics Time (min:sec)
    Speed (kph)
    Distance (km)
    Steps (Count)
    Programs Automatic or Manual Mode
    Quick Controls Z-FOLD Hand-held Remote with +/- Speed Controls, Start/Stop
    Frame Cast Aluminium Alloy
    Motor Specifications PWM (Pulse Width Modulation system) with fuseless current limit
    Power Supply Professional Heavy Duty Brushless DC Motor (CE Certified)
    Designed for Australian Households (Input: 220v - 240v)
    Safety Feature Overload and Short Circuit Protection (CE Certified)
    Assembly Required This product comes 90% assembled in a box with instruction manuals included This product comes with components which will contain button batteries. Please keep batteries out of reach of children.

    Warranty Information

    • Lifetime of 5 Years Treadmill Motor warranty
    • Lifetime of 5 Years Treadmill Frame warranty
    • 12 Months Parts replacement warranty on Treadmill & ErgoDesk
    *Please read our Warranty Terms & Conditions by clicking here